the worst that can happen is adventures!

So I guess I should retract that last post. I didn’t think I had any readers, but I guess one is worth keeping this thing going.

There’s not a whole lot that’s been going on with me. I work six days a week, and it’s tiring and sometimes I’m not up to seeing people; I cloister myself up in my room and watch reruns of Friends or pop in some good old Felicity.

Haven’t had too many adventures. I’m the type of person who hangs out with the same people every night, and with this work schedule, staying in and watching Pete & Pete with my roommate and one of my closest pals is pure bliss.

I’ve been missing my California buds like crazy. So much so that I don’t even think one of the knows the extent of how much I miss him. It’s just odd, going from seeing the same people every day for almost a year to not talking for days at a time.

The radio show’s been going well. I don’t have that many listeners and hey, it’s cool. I’m on from three to six am, so I don’t know what I was expecting. Some weeks I have tons of callers, most of them are looking for people to talk to. And I guess we’re both in the same situation. By the time 4:30am rolls around, I’m desperate for some form of communication. Because what it comes down to is me talking to this imaginary void, trying to engage whoever is listening. It’s gratifying to have someone call in and say they really enjoyed a track or they like what I’m playing. But to go a whole night without a phone call? It’s crazy.

Plus, I hit that hour where no one is on Facebook. Have you ever seen “No Friends Online” on your “Currently Online”? Because it happens. Usually around 5 a.m.

So, here comes the music:

Sonny Jim::Can’t Stop Moving
I can’t get enough of this. It makes me want to get on my feet and dance.
M.I.A.::Hit That
This just oozes hip-hop. MIA does things to me that no other female hip-hop artist could.
The Frames::Falling Slowly
This is from a new release, “Once”. It looks like a great movie, and the epic chorus with the combination of gradual building of string instrumental gets me every time.
Phat Kat::Cold Steel F/Elzhi
This might just ooze even more hip-hop than MIA. The beats are incredible and the rhymes are just downright impressive. If I could play this on the radio, I would.
Seabear::I Sing I Swim
God, I listened to Seabear 21 times last week and 19 times this week. Seabear is mellow in the way that you need. It’s the right amount of smooth, lush indie music and folk. Iceland at it’s best.

Nada Surf::Your Legs Grow
I can’t believe I just discovered this song. I’d been listening to Nada Surf for awhile but my friend bought me “Your Weight is a Gift” last week and since then, I can’t stop listening. You’ll love this if you love songs that build up and leave you feeling cleansed.

That’s a lot of music. I’ve been getting into some different genres, expanding my musical horizons. I’ve said this before, but what’s great about working for WRFL is that I’m forced to look into new music and seek things out. I get online and see what’s up on the different music blogs. You Aint No Picasso keeps me up to date on my sugar-coated, lush indie-pop/rock. Other sites like So Much Silence and Gorilla v.s. Bear help me out with my underground hip-hop and mahsups. And Music For Robots keeps me on top of the house/electronica scene.

Anyways, that’s basically it from my what, week hiatus?

I dunno. There’s tons of other things going. Things I’m trying to figure out and sort. I’m interested in seeing where the next few weeks take me. I’ve been weirded out, confused, and felt head-over-heels all in the past week and a half. What’s crazy about summer is that everything feels so much bigger. I said this about college, but living on your own and completely making your own decisions and spending nights out with friends, just drinking and watching television. It’s different. And when I go home, I feel out of place. Like this almost adult that doesn’t fit in with the family. I’m not a kid, but I’m not a grown-up.


Just listen to the music. If you do anything and skim this post, at the least, give the music a chance.

I wonder if anything more will come out of this besides bitching about my life?

I would talk about my internship and how I met these incredible nuns that could change your life, but I’ll save that for next time. There’s too many words as it is right now .


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