the worst that can happen is adventures!

This is where I live

Sometimes I need to remind myself that I live in one of the most beautiful places in the world. Every night (unless it’s raining) there is a beautiful sunset. There are mangroves and wildlife and palm trees and incredible light. I haven’t been shooting as much as I used to, and it’s frustrating at times. But the other night I decided to get out of my house and just enjoy the sunset with the man I love. Florida’s been a challenge for me and I’m at the point where I need to get off my ass and just start taking pictures. Of everything and anything. Pictures I like. Things I enjoy. People I love. It’s easy to get down when I’m juggling a non-photo job and a very pathetic freelance life, but at the end of the day I remind myself that this is temporary and if I want to keep on shooting pictures, I need to keep my eye trained .

Anyways, these pictures were fun for me to take. Nothing incredible, nothing that people haven’t seen before. The beach. The sunset. My sandals. But I had fun.


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