the worst that can happen is adventures!


Super swines

I went to tonight’s swine show at the Collier County Fair. It was ridiculous amounts of fun. Tried shooting portraits and enjoyed spending time with a kid and his hog, Black Licorice.


Flying sunrise

nerf war

I was waiting around an apartment complex the other day for a subject when kids came out from nowhere, shooting each other with Nerf guns. It was fun to watch, but then one of them ambushed the others by popping out of the bushes. I like emotion on this kids face, but I wish I had backed up a bit and layered it with the other kids who were watching him.

pan dulce

Mexican sweet bread looks and tastes delicious. Especially when you’re not suppose to eat it.

des colores

A few images from today’s international festival in Naples.

miracle limb

New week, new story. I’ve been following this little girl for less than a month now, but already she impresses me. Itzel had her arm amputated last year, and at three years old, is going to have to re-learn how to do simple tasks with a prosthetic arm. Today she had her first fitting for the prosthetic and didn’t react too well to it. This is an outtake from after the appointment. I loved the way the light fell perfectly on her and her new stuffed animal.

picture hunting

It took me an entire day to find this photo, but I was happy once I found it.