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a normal childhood

Today’s officially my last day as a regular day-to-day photographer during my fellowship. Tomorrow I’ll be taking on deadline writing assignments and working on longer watchdog stories. It’s another adventure, but I’ll definitely the day-to-day assignments.

I continued working on my story about Itzel Chavez, this time spending the morning with her and her mother and going with them to therapy. Near the end of her session, Itzel played in a ball pen, which helps work her muscles while playing. I loved this photograph of her — not only is she smiling and having fun like any other child, she’s doing it all with her new prosthetic arm.


three small faces

Couldn’t help but notice these kids peeking out their faces to look at the commotion going on outside. Snapped a quick picture while on assignment a few weeks ago. I need to be better about keeping an eye out for features like these — simple, quiet moments.

final assignment

Today is my last day at the Naples Daily News and it truly is a bittersweet event. I’ve honestly had a better summer than I could have ever imagined. I shot constantly, was challenged to push myself to my limits and think outside the box and was motivated every day by my peer of photographers to always create stronger, better pictures.

As excited as I am to return back to Lexington, I really will miss this place. My first month here was miserable in every sense of the word, but as I got to know the area and the staff better, I began looking forward to every day of work. I’ve met so many interesting people and look forward to seeing and hearing about all they accomplish down the road.

My last assignment today was swimming lessons. I’m happy with the frames I made from this and really, it was only appropriate that my final assignment had to do with kids. It is summer.



Thanks, Naples Daily News. You were too good to me.

they say it reminds them of rockwell

Had to cover a summer career exploration class yesterday. These kids had to make wind turbines for their green technology class. I was expecting a huge turbine, instead it was made in the classroom with a large fan giving the turbine power.


Photo belongs to the Naples Daily News.

rising stars

Had to photograph a youth music group late last week. It was tough since they were rehearsing in a very small house with very little room for me to move around. The light was also awful and gave every photo a gross yellow look. Went ahead and toned them in black and white for the blog since the color did absolutely nothing for the photos, in my opinion.



Nothing super duper special, but just another bit of my daily work. Again, photos property of the Naples Daily News.

clam pass kayaking

Went out to Clam Pass this morning to shoot a kayaking camp. They were in their kayaks and gone before I could even blink.


Photo belongs to the Naples Daily News.

sailing the high seas

Feature hunting took me to a sailing camp today.




Photos property of the Naples Daily News.