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Lake Trafford

I drove out to Immokalee on Sunday to take pictures for a story on Lake Trafford Park. Lake Trafford is one of the largest (if not the largest) lakes in Collier County. It’s also home to hundreds and hundreds of alligators and other incredible wildlife. I took an air boat ride to see more of Lake Trafford and was amazed at the amount of beautiful birds and gators out there.


on the pier

Made an attempt at fishing last night. And by fishing I mean I took pictures while my friend attempted to catch fish. While we came away from it minus 2 shrimp and no fish, it was still a fun time. One of the things I love about Naples is the sunsets. They’re absolutely goregous and the clouds here are magnificant. Storms can pop up out of nowhere and create quite the show for us down here.






Twenty three years of fishing

Jimmy Barber has been fishing in and around Bonita Springs for almost 23 years. Since going on disability, he’s fished almost every day. He says he finds it therapeutic.



I’m going to try and catch Jimmy fishing in the early morning. I think he’s got a lot to say.